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Ludwig Law Center, Inc. is a respected law firm based in Anaheim Hills, California. The small law firm is dedicated to making a big difference for California residents. Its service area includes Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

Attorneys Eric and Michelle Ludwig
Michelle and Eric Ludwig pride themselves on offering excellent service and in-depth legal counsel. They have successfully resolved a wide array of complex family law and civil litigation matters. Their caring and compassionate nature is immediately evident to their clients, who speak highly of Ludwig Law Center’s personalized service. If your goal is to work with a results-driven lawyer who has your best interests at heart, do not hesitate to reach out to Ludwig Law Center, Inc.

Practice Areas

The Ludwig Law Center was featured as the Law firm of the Month in a 2015 edition of the Orange County Attorney Journal
Michelle and Eric Ludwig are versatile lawyers with a thorough understanding of several practice areas. They work extensively in family law, working with those in the midst of divorce and other painful family law matters, as well as providing zealous courtroom representation when needed. They also handle a variety of civil cases. In addition to family law and civil matters, Michelle and Eric Ludwig provide representation in CPS and juvenile defense matters,  offering guidance through the entire criminal justice process.

The Benefits of Working With a Small Law Firm

No one type of law firm is ideal for everybody, but many clients find that they prefer the personal touch of smaller firms. In civil matters, small firms are nearly always willing to take on the smaller cases that may be overlooked by larger law firms. For family law cases, clients who work with small law firms often find that they are better able to build trusting relationships with their attorneys. Ultimately. these closer relationships allow attorneys to gather essential details that might go unnoticed at other law firms. When providing feedback about their work with the Ludwig Law Center, Inc., clients often mention the positive working relationships they’ve established with the firm’s caring and trustworthy attorneys.

High-Quality Representation at Ludwig Law Center, Inc.

From family law litigation to business litigation and most everything in between, Ludwig Law Center, Inc. offers the proactive legal service needed to secure satisfactory case resolutions. The firm has an excellent reputation throughout the state of California. It is the perfect resource to turn to as you strive to resolve complex legal matters.

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